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Armenia, Gegharkunik region, Chambarak subregion, Getik village

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Every traveler wishes to get acquainted with the culture and mode of life, traditions and people who maintain them while being in Armenia. “Getik” b&b is not just a guest-house, this is an Armenian hearth and home in a cozy area in Gegharkunik region covered with Alpine meadows and age-old forests. Hospitality is a tradition for us and guests are always desirable and dear. The complex services we suggest include different master-classes, trips, meeting good people and of course acknowledgment of the Armenian way of living and traditions. And the tasty and environmentally friendly food cultivated and prepared by ourselves will never leave any guest untouched. The services provided here make the impression as if you have been at your grandmother’s place due to their warmth and simplicity.

If you visit us via Sevan-Chambarak-Dilijan road the “Doors of Heaven” will be opened in front of you. The valley will attract you with its wild nature, waterfalls, forests, cliffs and old village-territories. You will discover for yourself the biggest church in the area in its time – Karmir Yeghtsi, the ruins of which evidence its sometime greatness and beauty. Later on Karktasar will rise before you, seeing and enjoying which is a must. Getik village has a lot to offer you – mount Murghuz, the historical fort in its lap, Ktsu Aghbyur (Spicy Source), Mughan Cross, caves. The renovated roads of the territory allow to leave Sevan for Dilijan by this way and at the same time enjoy Getik valley, and Goshavank is under one's very nose.

Ich bin beeindruckt, wie man mit der Hand Tepich bin beeindruckt, wie man mit der Hand Teppiche herstellt.

Ich wunsche auch weiterhin viel erfolg and danke Arpine fur die besichtigung. Ich hoffe, dass ich wieder kommen kann.


Clara (10 Years)

 Hamburg, Germany

We are really happy to had the opportunity to get to know this reality.

We think that  Armenian and in particular Alpina the mayor and all the other people who had shared their time,their food and their house with us,are amazing and are fantastic people.

We are thankful for your hospitality.


  Inanna and Aristide


We had a great time!

The food was great, and we had a special cheese with unique taste.

The company was very nice,we had high laghs and good conversation.


a family from Israel

Simply thank you,

 A greatful that is born in the heart,for an encounter between human beings that allows exchange,anrichment and makes every one a better human being.

With Love




Feel free to share your opinion and impressions about our services. Your praising inspires us and your suggestions are too important for improving the services.

master classes

• Overnight accommodations in private bedrooms that are furnished with the most necessary things, a bathroom with hot water available and a computer connected to the internet and a balcony from where there is a breathtaking view to the dense forest.

• We grow and cultivate our food, meat, diary, bread, fruits and vegetables by ourselves; they are always fresh and environmentally friendly. You will remember for a very long time the tasty and nutritious breakfast, traditional dishes and drinks that you have tried at our place…

• This region lying between Chambarak and Dilijan cities, with rich nature and amazing attractiveness is enriched with picturesque corners of nature and historical-cultural monuments hidden in the nature. The trip full of adventures and new feelings to these places will become the most remembered part of your journey.

• The life in our farm is always in full swing and we include our guests in all the activities with love. Taking care of the animals and the garden, food cultivation and national crafts. Try your hands, make yourself at home.

• In the souvenirs corner you will find different hand-made souvenirs made of natural raw-material

You can use for online reservation; you can also make reservations via phone-call or e-mail. Follow our Facebook page for additional information and keeping in touch.

This website was created in 2016 within the frameworks of the program “Promotion to the Development of Tourism in Chambarak Area of Gegharkunik Region” which is implemented by “Cross of Armenian Unity” NGO with the funding of “Armenian Caritas”.